Warranty Information

Tool Registration:

Many brands offer an extension to the standard 12-month warranty period if you register the tool for their extended warranty. This usually has to be done within a set-time period from the date of purchase and does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This must be done by the customer and cannot be done retrospectively. 
If you click the below logo icons, this will take you through to the warranty registration pages and you can take advantage of the extended warranty opportunities offered by the manufacturer for your tools. 

Warranty Information:

In the case that you have any warranty issues within the first year of receipt, please contact us as soon as possible either by phone 01484 727284 or email workshop@aonetools.co.uk and we can arrange for this to be dealt with.
Firstly we will try to resolve your issue/fault for you over the phone and failing that we will get your item booked in into our repair service centre.
Some manufacturers do still operate an in-house repair, and these items must be returned back to the manufacturer for inspection and then repair. For these selected manufacturers, we can send these back for you if you drop the item off to us in store or you can contact the manufacturer direct and arrange it yourself.

If you are not local to us then to help with carriage and postage costs etc we can put you in contact with your local warranty agent.

Booking in: Proof of Purchase / Warranty Certification

Item within 12 months warranty: Proof of purchase required. (For any purchases made through ourselves then we can find a copy of your invoice on our system and therefore you do not need to bring any paperwork with you. (Of course, having this to hand will save time when booking in)). If the item was not purchased through ourselves and instead was through another retailer then a copy of valid VAT receipt is required upon time of booking in. We cannot/will not accept any warranty repairs without the proof of purchase (Valid VAT receipt).

Item outside 12 months warranty:
If your item is over a year old, then any extended warranty details and/or registrations must be brought with the repair at the time of being booked in by our repair team along with a copy of your VAT invoice.

If you click your required brand below, it will take you through to the relevant warranty details page for that brand.
This includes details of extended warranties, warranty exclusions as well as of course, the T&C’s of each brand.


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