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Makita Cordless Garden Product Spring Promotion

The Makita Spring Cordless Garden Redemption is now here.

All you’ve got to do to qualify is purchase any of the cordless garden products listed below and make your claim within 28-days of your purchase.
Make sure you have your invoice/receipt, the product packaging and the product serial number from the machine to hand, as you’ll need these to make your claim.

Buy any qualifying 18V LXT Cordless Garden Products:
Brushless Blower: DUB184RT

Pruning Saw: DUC150RT
Pruning Shear: DUP180RT
Compact Blower: DUB186RT
Pruning Saw: DUC101RT
Chainsaw: DUC254RT,  DUC307RTX2, DUC357RT
Hedge Trimmer: DUH502RT, DUH601RT, DUH751RT, DUH523RT, DUH604SRT,DUH754SRT,DUH507RT,DUH607RT,DUH506RT,DUH606RT
Pole Hedge Trimmer: DUN461WRT, DUN500WRTE, DUN600LRTE
Grass Shear: DUM111RTX, DUM604RTX
Line Trimmer: DUR193RT, DUR189RT, DUR190LRT8
Grass Trimmer: DUR190URT8
Line Trimmer: DUR191LRT8, DUR191URT8, DUR192LRT
Grass Trimmer: DUR194RTX2
Multi Function Power Head: DUX18RT
Lawn Mower (33cm): DLM330RT
For a free BL1850B (5.0Ah), register your claim using the button below.

Buy any qualifying 40Vmax XGT Cordless Garden Products:
Lawn Mower: LM004GM103, LM003GM103
For a free BL4025 (2.5Ah), register your claim using the button below.

Consumer redemptions only.
Claims can only be made by Trade and Retail Consumer Customers, claims submitted by Makita Distributors or Stockists, and anyone purchasing Qualifying Products for the purpose to resell (Resellers) will be disqualified.
The promotional product offered free of charge as part of this offer is only applicable for delivery within the UK.
Body only models with Z, DZ and GZ suffix are not applicable and do not qualify for redemption claims.
Dealer and distribution made in-house kits are not applicable and do not qualify for redemption claims
Claims must be made via the redemptions website within 28-days of purchase:
You will need to provide images of your proof of purchase, serial number and the model number label on the box when making your claim.



Vibration: AVT the benchmark in vibration reduction

Vibration is a major topic that the power tool industry are working hard to provide solutions for, even more so since the EU Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC came into force. This directive deals with risks from vibration at work and has been implemented in the UK under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.

Breaking new ground!
AVT, the benchmark in vibration reduction.
Makita demolition tools are the best in the world. Working with users to solve the problem of vibration, Makita’s AVT products have been designed in close relation to users needs at site level.

What dangers can vibrations pose?
When using a power tool, vibration is produced as a by-product of that process.

Vibration used to be something that was overlooked by employers and employees alike. However, with the effects of vibration being revealed, it was necessary for manufacturers and employers to take a serious stance to protect the workforce. The vibration magnitude is the frequency weighted acceleration value measured in m/s2.

If steps are not taken to limit the amount of vibration a machine produces and the level of exposure an individual receives, then injuries such as Vibration White Finger (VWF) will occur through Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV). This can potentially leave employers open to real issues. In July 2005 the Physical Agents Directive became UN law. The law meant that all power tools had to have their vibration levels measured and that information to be made available to anyone. This information helps towards educating the operator to understand how long they can safely operate a machine.

However, it is not only important to produce a machine which limits or even eliminates any danger to the operator, it is also vital that the operator and contracting companies are educated in the risks and prevention techniques surrounding vibration hazards. Makita provides the right tool for the job whilst making that tool as safe to use as technologically possible. It is vital you equip your workforce with the safest products available. A safe product means a longer operational time thanks to reduced vibration figures. Working with a safer machine makes the operator confident which in turn will enable them to perform to the maximum of their abilities resulting in a superior finish at the end of a task.

Vibration in the workplace is a serious risk that any power tool user should take very seriously.
Makita are very much aware of the hazards vibration can present, by clicking here you can find out just how much of a standard daily allowance you are being exposed to.

Know your facts, wherever you are
Download our handy Vibration Card, print it off and keep it handy for when you’re working. It has all the information you’ll need to keep yourself safe and within the boundaries of vibration exposure.


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