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Lamello Cabineo X
Cabinet connector and shelf support without edge drilling

Cabineo X is a connector for cabinets and shelves that can be used with all CNC machines and is pressed into place in the workshop or on site.
Due to the open housing, it is possible to insert a Cabineo screw from the top and screw it into the counterpart with a hexagon bit.
Using it with screws, Cabineo X is ideal when installing shelves into already joined cabinets or when assembling corner joints.
Combined with shelf supports, Cabineo X prevents shelves from being pulled out.


New: Cabineo X


Lamello Clamex S-20
Detachable furniture connector for the 4 mm groove

Clamex S-20 is a detachable connector for the Lamello system for material thicknesses from 16 mm and is fastened in the groove with screws. The symmetric 4 mm grooves can be created with any biscuit joiner. Clamex S-20 is connected to the counterpart with a lever and has a lateral installation tolerance. It requires no adhesive, enables aesthetic connections at all angles and is ideal for fixed or detachable connections.

Open the connection time and time again with the rotating lever
Use with any biscuit joiner
Narrow connector allows installation into the edge in materials from 8mm


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