Klingspor 355726 DT900 300mm ACR All Cut Rescue Special Cutting Diamond Blade

£75.00 Excl. VAT

Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete, Glass, Wood based materials, Plastic, Rubber.
Suitable for most angle grinders both corded and cordless as well as the 12" stone/ Stihl saws

Product Detail

What are the advantages of the Klingspor ACR DT900?
Vacuum-brazed diamond cutting blade for almost all materials – Very wide range of applications due to special manufacturing process – 10 mm high diamond coating for a good service life and an aggressive cut for very different and demanding materials – Ideal for rescue services

The benefits at a glance of the DT900 ACR Diamond Blade.
Continuous performance increased research, development and continuous testing have resulted in a steady performance increase of up to 45% in diamond tools made by Klingspor.

Reliable segments
As we make them ourselves in-house, we can align the cores and edges of our diamond tools until they match each other perfectly. This way, we can guarantee maximum performance regardless of the application for which the user plans on using our tools.

Wide range of applications
Designed for construction above and below ground, road building, roofers and stone cutters, Klingspor diamond products are suitable for all mineral materials and can be mounted on handheld machinery, table saws, electric joint cutters and joint cutters with a capacity of up to 20 kW.

Toughest safety standards
Just as all other products made by Klingspor, our new diamond tools comply with the strict oSa guidelines and are guaranteed to comply with the European safety standard EN 13236.


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