Klingspor 330631

Klingspor 330631 DN 600 U Supra 115x6x22 Diamond Blade

£36.95 Excl. VAT

Broaching wheel DN 600 U Supra for challenging tasks
The broaching wheel DN 600 U Supra is designed for work on such materials as mortar joints,aerated concrete and plaster.
This is where it reaches its full potential in day-to-day use. The product sets itself apart with its high aggressiveness and long service life.
This broaching wheel with its rugged design is used predominantly for removing old mortar from such materials as brick or natural stone as well as clinker façades.
Special hammer segments keep the core perfectly protected. The broaching wheel DN 600 U Supra is intended for use on an angle grinder and available in different versions.
Klingspor offers it in multiple sizes and a variety of diameters. This abundance of choice allows professional users and hobby craftsmen alike to find the right tool for all of their use cases.

Product Detail

Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Mortar joints, Plastering, Aerated concrete


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