Festool 577811 ExoActive EXO 18 HPC 4,0 I-Plus ExoSkeleton

£2,520.00 Excl. VAT £2,499.00 Excl. VAT

Items included

TG-EXO 18 carrying harness
KS-EXO 18 headrest
2x BP 18 Li 4.0 HPC-ASI battery pack
Rapid charger TCL 6
EPP transport box
Watch the ExoSkeleton Video Here:

Extrapolated power for your arms. Work effortlessly, even overhead.
The ExoActive exoskeleton now makes light work of strenuous overhead tasks. Whether dry mortarless construction, painting, wallpapering or installation, whether on walls or ceilings, The ExoActive gives you extrapolated power when your arms get tired and takes the load off your neck. For you, less physical exertion means greater efficiency, greater focus on the quality of your work and greater enjoyment of your work. You can regulate the required power on the exoskeleton in a matter of seconds so you get targeted support precisely where it's needed. The ExoActive is lightweight and easy to wear, just like a rucksack, and can also be adjusted to your individual height.

Supportive: The active system allows you to work overhead without tiring.
Conserves your energy: Helps to avoid overloads in the long-term.
Stay focused: With support from the ExoActive, you will be able to concentrate for longer, you will be less fatigued and you will work more efficiently.
Individual control: You can choose between three working areas depending on the application and regulate the level of support in five different settings.
Easy to put on: Like a rucksack, can be adapted to the individual height simply and quickly thanks to various adjustment options.
Maximum freedom of movement: Close-fitting.
Washable: The textile and belt parts can be replaced quickly thanks to the simple changing system.
Compatible: Part of the Festool 18 Volt System with system battery and all of the associated advantages.
Exceptional: Fully covered by Festool Service upon registration within 30 days of purchase (

Product Detail

Main applications
Relief when working in front of the chest and overhead – with up to 5 kg/50 N support force per arm
Offers support and relief when it comes to applications with tools, but also during manual assembly or activities with hand tools
With the battery pack capacity of 4.0 Ah, the runtime is between 1.5 and 5 h – depending on application and especially the movement dynamics

Battery voltage (rated voltage) 18 V
Technology Bluetooth®
Drive type Battery
4.0 Ah runtime 1.5 – 5 h
Battery capacity 4.00 Ah
Product weight without accessories 7.00 kg
Transport weight incl. accessories 13.30 kg


The ExoActive exoskeleton supports you under your arms to take the effort out of working on walls or ceilings. The active system with its powerful 18V battery provides extrapolated power to give you the exact support you need during tiring overhead work.

Whether from the waist up, at chest height or overhead, you can set where you would like support and the level in a matter of seconds. This way, the ExoActive gives you targeted support precisely where it’s needed.

As easy to put on as a rucksack, can be quickly individually adapted to your height and ergonomics that are perfectly tailored to you. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you won’t want to start working on a wall or ceiling without the ExoActive ever again.


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