Makita GA4530R 100mm 4″ Angle Grinder

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Makita GA 4530R 100MM Angle Grinder

 Regardless of whether the user grips the motor housing or rear cover, the slim barrel grip with a diameter of 179mm fits any user's palm and fingers perfectly. It provides easy and comfortable handling while minimizing hand fatigue and pain. 

The side grip is angled at 20 degrees for manoeuvrability and the best performance. 

The GA4530-R is fitted with a high quality motor with excellent heat resistance.

 It has built in dust protection with dust proof ball bearings, the motor field is coated with protective powder varnish. 

Two labyrinth rings seal the bearings and machine bevelled gears from dust and dirt. 


Product Detail

Makita GA4530R 100MM Angle Grinder

The Makita GA4530R 100MM Angle Grinder is a mini-grinder with anti-restart feature to prevent accidental and unexpected restart of the machine for improved safety providing Slim motor housing with a small circumference of 179MM for improved grip also features a high quality motor with excellent heat resistance; a small Angle Grinder with an ergonomic barrel grip.The GA4530R is the successor to the proven GA4530, the ‘R’ grinders have additional soft start and anti-restart functions.



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