Konig KO243 Colour Edging Pen, Premium

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How do i use the Konig Pvc repair pens? Ensure area is dry & free from dust & grease Shake pen vigorously of 10-20 seconds (be sure to keep the top on) Remove top (pen should point upwards to avoid & drips) Lightly squeeze on 'PRESS' markings to get rid of air & prevent blotching. Ensure that you are using a good tip - change the tip if showing signs of wear or if you need to apply a fine stoke. NOTE: If you haven't used these pens before then we suggest you first draw trial strokes on a sample surface, allowing you to get a feel for flow of dye. Hold pen with tip pointing down & squeeze gently on the markings to open the valve & allow lacquer to flow into the tip. Lacquer should be applied evenly in one stroke. If opacity decreases then the pen can be squeezed again to release more lacquer. Pen top should be returned firmly, immediately after use.

Product Detail

A highly pigmented, weather resistant, acrylic based paint touch-up pen, which is ideal for edges and mitre joints. Improved valve technology provides two styles of application.

Standard Colours are detailed on the Konig Standard Colour Chart, Call us for Details. 01484 710282

Why should i use the Konig Repair PVC Pen?

Fast-drying & Resistant to Wiping and Scratching

Use it Indoor AND outdoor

Lacquer flow control

Fills welds or grooves in uPVC, repairs scratches & chips on furiture, worktops etc.

These fast-drying pens can be used outside or indoors & are resistant to wiping & scratching.

What are the PVC Repair Pen By Konig Used For?

Repair scratches in uPVC windows, doors & frames

Repair scratches & chips on furniture, work tops etc

Edging uPVC profiles

Filing-in welds on uPVC

Use indoors AND outside

What are the features & benefits of the Konig repair PVC Pen?

Lacquer flow control

Indoor or outdoor use


Resistant to Wiping & Scratching

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