Festool MX 1200 Stirrer E EF HS2 GB 240V

£265.00 Excl. VAT

Robust, ergonomic, powerful.

Bending over to mix is a thing of the past: The MX 1200 stirrer adapts to the user's height thanks to the ErgoFix height adjustment, which is better because working upright protects the back.

The powerful 1200-watt motor and the robust, high-torque transmission also play a role. The two together provide constant traction. This makes even the most demanding mixing applications up to 60 l quick and easy.

ErgoFix height adjustment with integrated quick-change function

No material splash upon start-up thanks to soft start with variable speed trigger

Less effort required for guiding the stirrer thanks to ergonomic handle design with large lever arm

Stable rubber corners protect the machine against damage and, at the same time, enable secure set-down and non-slip leaning against the wall

Protective cap with labyrinth seal prevents the penetration of spray water and dirt

Powerful, high-torque 1200 W motor

The right stirring speed for every material thanks to electronic speed control

Product Detail

Items included with the MX1200

stirrer rod HS 2 140×600 M14

ErgoFix adapter

double open-ended wrench

in carton

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