Festool 500175 Adapter Plate AP-KA 65 For KA 65

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Festool 500175 Adapter Plate AP-KA 65 For KA 65

mounting plate for edge bander complete with 15 sliding guides
additional roll

Product Detail

Swivel-mounted stationary edging.
The CONTURO is also suitable for working when stationary. It is simply inserted via this adapter plate in the MFT/3 multifunction table or a bench you have built yourself. Not only can you affix edging to straight edges or curves, but also oblique edges with an angle between 90° and 45° because the CONTURO can be tilted 90°–45° in the stationary unit.

Flexible in use, the adapter plate can be built into a self-built table frame or into the MFT perforated board provided for it
Continuously adjustable angle of 0–47°
Allows the user to swivel the machine in the bench and position the workpiece horizontally during edging – for convenient and safe guidance, even with larger objects
Supplied sliding guides for guiding the workpiece safely
Perfect edging overhang when using the supplied sliding guides
Quick to install and remove the edge bander without tools
Secure fixing of the machine with slide lock
Additional roller as expansion of the pressure zone or for edging of complex shapes
Adjustable guide rail adapter for exactly parallel feeding in of the panel when edging mitres, therefore the edge doesn’t run off course
Deflector that keeps the introduced edge away from the workpiece area
Start button of the machine always ideally reachable
for using the edge bander KA 65 as a bench-mounted machine
adapter plate for installation in the MFT (with perforated board KA 65, order no. 500366) or a separate workbench

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