Trend HINGE/JIG Hinge Recessing Jig

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The single piece Trend Hinge Jig kit includes:
4 x Apetures
2 x Bradawls
1 x 16mm guide bush
1 x T- handle hex key
1 x 4mm Spacing gauge
Plus plastic storage tube

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Product Detail

The single piece Trend Hinge Jig is a portable template designed for recessing hinges in wooden doors and frames.

It is easy to use with minimal setting up time

The single piece Trend Hinge Jig has four apertures for fire door requirments.

Quick and simple to set up as the hinge is used as the pattern.

Clean and accurate recesses are achieved every time.

Suitable for timber based doors & square butt hinges.

Can be used with most routers, a Trend UNIBASE can be used to suit other brands.

A long reach cutter will be required (TRE1/4TR12 or PRO1/4RC12).

Hinge sizes possible Length min: 67mm, Length max: 127mm.

Width min: 9.5mm, Width max: 35mm.

Door sizes Height min 1955mm, max 2100mm

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