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The Toughsystem Music from Dewalt is an impressive addition to the Dewalt cordless range featuring Bluetooth, DAB and battery charging functionality. Its a Jobsite Radio that manages to combine the sleek, contemporary design that you expect from Dewalt with a tough and durable outer casing and the latest in radio technology. - It really is a worksites perfect partner. Powered either by the included AC (mains) cable or Dewalt Li-ion batteries this radio charger is everything we've been waiting for! Built using the Dewalt toughsystem storage cases as a base users will be able to combine this radio with a pre-existing stackable toughsystem tool box family. This means its got the same protective qualities as the tool cases with the added benefit of being able to carry tools and the radio at the same time. Additionally it can be stacked onto a Dewalt trolley.    Don't think for a second that Dewalt have compremised on sound performance either!  This radio consists of a class D amplifier and a digital sound processor which offers a distortion free, high power and high efficiency sound. There 2 subwoofer drivers and a bandwidth of 30Hz - 18KHz Connecting to the Dewalt Toughsystem Music DWST1-75663 This model can easily connect to your phone or mp3 device via bluetooth so you can remotely control and play your own music. If you're worried about battery then there’s also a handy AUX (3.5mm) lead which again lets you play your own music through the radio. Thousands of music choices Having not only bluetooth but also DAB & AM/FM gives you the ability to tune into and store all your favourite radio stations, whether they're digital or not. (12 FM presets and 6 AM presets available). A Jobsite Radio that charges your tools and you phone. The most handy and impressive feature of the DWST-75663 is surely the fact that it will charge Dewalt Li-ion 18v Batteries! (When powered by AC (Cable Included)). Meaning of course that if you already have a charger you can charge at least 2 batteries on the go at the same time... whilst listening to your favourite tunes. The Dewalt Tough System DAB Radio & Charger also features a USB port for charging your phone or any USB device.

What is the Specification of the Dewalt Tough System DAB Radio & Charger

  • AM/FM Signals
  • In-Built DAB Signal
  • Charges Power Tool Batteries (Check Compatibility)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • AUX input
  • USB Port for Charging Smaller Devices
  • No Batteries
  • No Case

Technical Specifications of the Dewalt Tough System DAB Radio & Charger

  • Shipping Weight:.....9.00kg
  • Width:..... 545mm
  • Depth:..... 360mm
  • Height:.... 155mm
  • Output:..... 40 Watt
  • Subwoofer:..... 2
  • Digital:..... Yes / DAB
  • Frequency / Bandwidth:..... 30Hz - 18KHz
  • Supports:...... FM  / AM
  • Power Input:..... AC 240V
  • Battery:..... 18V
  • Charger:..... 2.4Hz USB
  • Audio Extension:..... 3.5mm Jack
  • Weatherproof:..... IP54 Standard
  • Manufacturer... DeWalt

What are the features of the Dewalt Tough System DAB Radio & Charger

  • Toughsystem Compatible.
  • Portable and Storage Friendly.
  • Ideal for harsh worksite environments.
  • 6 Driver best in category 40 Watt RMS 2- sub woofers for premium sound.
  • IP54 Protection against dust and water.
  • Rubust and Durable.
  • Bluetooth technology - Wireless control with multiple device support.
  • Supports Standard 3.5mm Jack Auxilary Extensions.
  • Class D amplifier & digital processor with sound optimizer.
  • Bandwidth of 30Hz - 18KHz
  • Retro Dot Matrix Pixel Screen
  • FM - 12 Presets.
  • AM - 6 Presets.
  • Power: AC & 18V/14.4V DEWALT battery charger,
  • 2.4 Hz USB charger


Our Office Is Open 7am - 5pm Mon - Fri & 7am - Noon Saturday. Call us on 01484 710282.