SIP 09284 Fireball 1600 Propane Heater

£209.00 Excl. VAT

Designed with a heavy duty painted finish this heater is backed by a 2 year manufacturing warranty.

Product Detail

SIP 09284 Fireball 1600 Propane Heater

Italian made propane heater not only offers fantastic performance levels but also offers excellent value for money. Ideal for many applications including industrial, agricultural and automotive environments.

This heater offers an adjustable heat output from 4,202 – 160,000BTU/hr (21.7 – 46.9kW).
Heating a maximum area of 1074m³ (37,927 cu.ft), this lightweight heater really throws heat out. Using an average of 1.454 – 2.979kg of propane per hour you can keep track of how much fuel you are using.

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