SIP 09274 FireBall 1071DV Propane Gas Space Heater

£225.00 Excl. VAT

Professional Fireball 1071DV Propane Heater
Made in Italy this stainless steel heater is high quality, excellent value for money and boasts a fantastic performance.
The variable heat can be set between 51,787 to 107,000 BTU which is ideal for heating up to 718m³ (25,355 cu.ft).
Requiring an electricity supply to power the fan, this duel voltage can be used with either 230v or 110v power supply.
Using an average of 1.004 - 2.014kg of propane per hour, you can easily heat the required space with low running costs
Designed with a stainless steel casting which can be used daily this heater is ideal for use in industrial, agricultural and automotive environments.
This highly portable heater can be fitted with an optional wheel kit (see accessories tab) so you can easily move the heater around to where the heat is required.

Product Detail

SIP 09274 FireBall 1071DV Propane Gas Space Heater

SIP Fireball 1071DV 51,787 to 107,000 BTU Propane Gas Space Heater

15.2kW – 31.4kW Heat Output

718m³ Approx Heating Area

Adjustable Heat Output

110v OR 230v Supply

Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Casing

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