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The Festool KAPEX KS60 E-Set combines portability with Festool’s faultless build quality.

It has a compact and lightweight design, with ergonomic handgrips, an integrated cord holder and locking device for safe transportation.

This is an ideal compound mitre saw for any professional, guaranteeing accurate results out on site or in the workshop.

It will swivel to 60° on both sides with indents at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° and 60° for quick setting of common angles.

The head tilts for bevel cuts 47° to the left and 46° to the right, with stops at 45° for fast setup. For straight crosscuts, the KS60 is capable of cutting boards and panels up to 305mm wide and trimming strips, profiles and square timber up to 60mm thick.

The electronically controlled smooth start-up ensures that the machine starts up jolt-free. Variable speed control, from 1,300 to 3,500rpm, allows you to adjust the saw’s speed to the material you wish to cut.

Integral extension tables on both sides, pull out to support longer workpieces.

The KAPEX KS60 ESET comes with 3 very useful accessories. A set of additional feet raise the KS60 table to the exact height of a SYSTAINER SYS 1 case.

This enables you to support long workpieces, without the need to scrabble around for odd packing pieces.

The LED spotlight gives you a perfect view of the cutting line, especially useful in poorly illuminated situations.

The cleverly designed bevel guarantees you fault-free angle transfer both internal and external.

The bevel automatically bisects an angle allowing you to set the KAPEX KS60 precisely when cutting skirting boards or cornices.

What is the Specification of the Festool KAPEX KS60

Bevel Angle Range - 47° - 0 - 46°

Blade Diameter - 216 mm

Bore Size - 30 mm

Dust Extraction - 27 mm / 36 mm Outlet

Max Bevel Cut @ 45deg W x H305 mm x 40 mm

Max Compound Cut @ 45deg W x H215 mm x 40 mm

Max Crosscut @ 0deg W x H305 mm x 60 mm

Max Mitre Cut @ 45deg W x H215 mm x 60 mm

Mitre Angle Range - 60° - 0 - 60°

Motor Power1,200 W

Nett Weight17.8 kg

Overall L x W x H661 mm x 475 mm x 430 mm

Sound Power Level [Uncertainty K]100 dB(A) [3.0 dB]

Sound Pressure Level [Uncertainty K]91 dB(A) [3.0 dB]

Speed1,300 - 3,500 rpm

Spindle LockStandard Feature

Vibration Cutting Wood [Uncertainty K]2.5 m/s² [1.5 m/s²]


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