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Tidy: There is plenty of room inside for the securely connected 10 m long cable. The SYS-PowerHub also features room for any battery packs or small parts required

Can supply power to up to four power tools simultaneously. The internal power socket can also be used to charge a mobile phone, for example, while protecting it against contamination

Can be connected to other Systainers even when closed, thanks to the two cable outlets

When connected to the mains, the red light on the front signals that it is ready for operation

The internal socket is securely protected against dust and contamination. The integrated thermal overload protection provides additional safety

Fully compatible with the SYS-Roll and SYS-Cart – this means that it is easy to transport and highly mobile and ensures that an organised appearance can be presented to the customer

also suitable for charging a smartphone while protecting it from contamination, for example, thanks to the internal socket

for connecting power tools, chargers, mobile dust extractors, working lights, etc.

4x external sockets

1x internal socket

integrated thermal protection switch

10 m connection cable, type H07 RN F3G1.5, securely connected

Safety class IP44

Number of sockets 5

Dimensions (L x W x H)396 x 296 x 157.5 mm

Power consumption 2 500 W

Weight 4.2 kg

Cable length 10 m


Our Office Is Open 7am - 5pm Mon - Fri & 7am - Noon Saturday. Call us on 01484 710282.