Paslode 923584 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Charger

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Paslode 923584 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Charger

Paslode 923584 portable wireless speaker and charger all-in one, with Bluetooth connectivity you can connect to your mobile device wirelessly.

Its compact size and the fact that its wireless makes it easy to use in your home or even outside for great quality music.

You can play, adjust the volume and select your source of music and part of your all connected range or you can bring your favorite playlist wherever you and you nail gun go.

What Are The Features Of The 923584
The speaker can connect with the last connected device automatically

Use a Paslode Battery (018880) or mains for power

With the Paslode battery inserted into the battery slot, insert DC9V 3.5A adapter for charging. Solid red light indicates when the battery is at full charge.

Battery not included

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