Milwaukee M18NRG-902 18v 2x9ah Twin Pack & Charger

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Results dependant on voltage, tool and application.
1 x 12-18 Volt M18™ & M12™ Rapid Charger that is up to 40% faster, reducing downtime and maximising productivity. The charger accepts all M18™ and M12™ batteries, providing an upgrade for both systems.
Featuring REDLINK™ Intelligence, it communicates directly with the battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to optimise the performance and extend the life of the pack.

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Milwaukee M18NRG-902 18v 2x9ah Twin Pack & Charger Set

The Milwaukee M18NRG-902 Energy Pack, contains the following:
2 x 18 Volt Milwaukee M18 B9 9.0Ah REDLITHIUM-ION™ Slide Battery Packs, fitted with REDLINK™ Intelligence and overload protection, which prevents the user from damaging their tools.

It has a temperature control cell frame that keeps the battery at an ideal temperature range to provide maximum life.

There is a waterproof protection barrier, a rubber overmould and shock responsive separators to protect the battery from damage.

With individual Cell Monitoring which ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life and discharge protection which prevents cell damage from over-discharge.

They offer up to fives times more run time vs standard Milwaukee Lithium-Ion, twice the runtime vs Milwaukee 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery and 35% more power vs standard Milwaukee Lithium-Ion batteries.

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