Makita BO4900 1/2 Sheet Finishing Sander

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The BO-4900V from Makita has been ergonomically designed and boasts a powerful 330W motor for superior handling and a quickly achieved super smooth finish. The soft grip handle provides a non-slip surface for comfortable operation. Coupled with the knob style front handle and the low hand shaped motor housing there are a variety of comfortable holding positions. There are large clamps for holding the sandpaper securely in place. The sander base also has a Velcro style surface which hook and loop abrasive paper will stick to. There is a through the pad dust collection system which sucks dust through 10 holes on sander base into the dust bag. The BO4900 V can alternatively be connected to a vacuum cleaner.


Product Detail

The Makita BO4900 1/2″ Sheet Finishing Sander

complete with punch plate and dust bag is available in 110 and 240 volts and is the advanced version of Model 9045N or 9045B. 1/2 Sheet 330W variable speed finishing sander, ideal for trades ranging from cabinet making, boat building or furniture making.

  • Incredible minimised vibration
  • Large clamping lever for quick and easy changing abrasive paper
  • Palm-fitting soft grip
  • More efficient dust collection system


Strokes per Minute   8000 – 22000 spm

Noise sound pressure 72 dB(A)

Noise K factor 3 dB(A)

Orbits per Minute   4000 – 11000 opm

Pad Size   92 x 185 mm

Paper Size   93 x 228 mm

Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec²

Vibration: Sanding 3.5 m/sec²

Net weight 1.6 kg


  • Punch plate
  • Dust bag

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