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 MAKITA BO3711 1/3 SHEET ORBITAL SANDER Specifications Strokes per Minute   8000 - 22000 spm Noise sound pressure 72 dB(A) Noise K factor 3 dB(A) Orbits per Minute   4000 - 11000 opm Pad Size   92 x 185 mm Paper Size   93 x 228 mm Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec² Vibration: Sanding 3.5 m/sec² Net weight 1.6 kg Includes
  • Punch plate
  • Dust bag

Product Detail


Makita BO3711 1/3″ Sheet Orbital Sander, complete with punch plate and dust bag.Available in 110 and 240 volts.

handle and top of the machine which also help to reduce vibration, the Makita BO3711 1/3 Sheet Orbital Sander also features an electronic speed control.

The Makita BO-3711 Sander has Variable Speed Control by dial which enables the user to suit sanding speed to individual jobs. Ergonomic tool body fits user’s hand perfectly, providing sure grip and easy handling whether in a single or double handed operation, the compact and lightweight design has high manoeuvrability, sanding right up to the front of machine and edges. The simple to operate paper clamp ensures easy installation / removal of sandpaper. The rigid aluminium foot with sponge sleeve provides high durability and effective vibration absorbing performance. The handles are rubberised to lessen vibration transfer and have anti-slip dimples for added grip and the BO3711 has high dust extraction is achieved by the 8 holes on baseplate which suck up dust through machine into the rear mounted dust bag or connectable to vacuum cleaner; a punch plate is included which will puncture holes in the the sandpaper, after fitting, to marry up with baseplate holes. This will help to keep the working enviroment cleaner.

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