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Award winning Design
The Leica Lino P5 is designed to the same high standards as the award winning Leica Lino L2 cross line laser.

Excellent visibility
The Leica Lino P5 is equipped with Leica's Power Range Technology to achieve three excellent visible laser dots at greater distances.

Very high accuracy
With projection and levelling accuracy of ±1.5mm, the Leica Lino P5 is one of the most precise instruments in its class.

Very easy to use
With only one button operation, the Leica Lino P5 is quick and easy to operate. A magnetic multifunctional adaptor is supplied with the instrument, allowing the operator to securly fix the instrument to a wall or metal structure.

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Product Detail

The Leica Lino P5 projects five laser beams, which are exactly at rig

  • Modern, ergonomic housing
  • Self-levelling
  • Power Range Technology™
  • Practical multifunction adapter
  • Very easy to use

The Leica Lino P5 dot laser emits five bright laser dots, allow you to transfer points, quickly and accurately. It is an efficient solution for professional plumbing and aligning tasks.

t angles to one another. This greatly simplifies setting out tasks and makes your interior fitting-out more precise and efficient.

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