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Continuous and exact 360° laser lines

The Leica Lino L360 projects a laser line all round with millimetre accuracy. Reference points and lines can thus be quickly transferred from one wall to another without having to rotate the instrument. That is a crucial advantage when creating height reference points. Furthermore, the horizontal laser line can be projected very closely to the ground. This particularly simplifies laying floor coverings and controlling heights. Moreover, the Leica Lino L360 provides an additional 180° vertical laser line for further possible uses.

Self-levelling with simple user interface
The Leica Lino L360 can be set up easily and quickly. The user interface with only two keys is self-explanatory. Thanks to the self-levelling, minor inclinations are automatically compensated for. Where greater tilting occurs, the laser lines blink to indicate that the self-levelling function is no longer active. The self-levelling function can also be switched off manually using the lock function. On the one hand this serves as transport protection and on the other allows the laser lines to be projected in any position.

Rugged line laser, long battery life, matched accessories
The Lino L360 is a rugged instrument with protection class IP65, i.e. it is dust proof and protected against hose water. Furthermore, thanks to the rechargeable battery pack, its lengthy operating time of up to 20 hours is also a convincing argument. A multi-functional adapter which can be used either as a small tripod or magnetic wall holder is included in the scope of supply.

Low Datum
The Lino L360 has its horizontal laser line set close to the bottom of the tool which makes checking floor levels and other datum points even easier.

Full 360° Horizontal Line Coverage 
The L360 produces a very accurate and clear to see line through 360° giving total coverage with no blind spots.

180° Vertical Line Coverage 
When placed close to the floor this feature give you almost a full 360° vertical line around the room.

Small and Versatile
Due to its small size the Lino L360 can be mounted on various accessories to gain better control of your required datum 


Our Office Is Open 7am - 5pm Mon - Fri & 7am - Noon Saturday. Call us on 01484 710282.