Klingspor LS309XH 100x610mm Sanding Belt

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Do-it-yourselfers and hobby craftsmen will also benefit for their applications thanks to the exceptional properties this top-notch product has to offer.
Premium portable sanding belt for demanding tasks


Product Detail

Designed especially for belt sanders.
The portable sanding belt LS 309 XH by Klingspor is a product that has been engineered especially for use with portable belt sanders.
Available with a large range of grit sizes, this portable sanding belt is suitable for a multitude of sanding tasks. It is capable of handling a host of different materials, especially wood, metal and NF metal as well as paint, varnish and filler.
This versatility makes this portable sanding belt a truly universal product.
The belt has been designed for use in such market segments as the wood and metal processing industry as well as commerce.
The portable sanding belt ships in the form of abrasive belts and can be used on hand tool belt grinders or portable belt sanders.
The product is available in a large number of grit sizes.


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