Klingspor A60TZ 115mm Cutting-off wheels for Stainless Steel & Steel

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The benefits of the Kronenflex cutting-off wheels A 60 TZ Special
Kronenflex cutting A 60 TZ Special are free of iron, sulphur and chlorine.
They are further distinguished by their fast cutting times, allowing the user to finish their work in exceedingly short time.
Another benefit is the minimum burr formation, doing away with the need for extensive rework.
Finally, the product also keeps the thermal load on the material to be processed at a minimum.
Users opting for the Kronenflex cutting-off wheels A 60 TZ Special will be able to achieve perfect results on steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal in exceptionally short time.
They are supplied in a tin with viewing window, which keeps them protected from dirt, moisture and damage caused by improper handling.
The tin offer the best storage solution for the wheels as preserve their positive characteristics for a very long time.

Cutting-off wheels by Klingspor – maximum safety certified by testing in accordance with oSa guidelines
The combination of synthetically made abrasive grain and a bonding that is perfectly matched with each application guarantees consistently excellent performance and a long service life.
Klingspor ensures the necessary safety by complying with all provisions of European safety standard EN 12413 and by conducting tests as specified in the oSa guidelines.


Product Detail

Kronenflex cutting-off wheels A 60 TZ Special: Cutting steel and stainless steel with perfection
The Kronenflex cutting-off wheels A 60 TZ Special make it possible to cut

Stainless steel,
Steel and non-ferrous metal in a neat and fast manner. Klingspor offers these wheels in three performance classes.
Offering maximum performance, the Special category comprises products that offer uncompromising cutting performance and service life.
These outstanding qualities make the Kronenflex cutting-off wheels in the Special class also ideal for special applications.


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