Klingspor 325361

Klingspor 325377 DS600 B 115×22 Diamond Cup Grinding Disc

£36.95 Excl. VAT

DS 600 B Supra Diamond cup grinding wheels for angle grinders for Concrete, Screed, Construction materials

Product Detail

Diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 B Supra
The diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 B Supra can be used in/at gardening and landscaping, building yards and many other operating sites. The cup grinding wheel is used for work on concrete, screed and construction material.
To ensure reliable stock removal on construction materials with an angle grinder, Klingspor has made this product particularly aggressive.
The two-row cup grinding wheel is suitable for all abrasive materials and sets itself apart with its excellent service life.
Professional users have come to appreciate what this product can do for them during the challenging tasks they face every day


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