Klingspor 325361

Klingspor 325362 DS300 B 125×22 Diamond Cup Grinding Disc

£24.95 Excl. VAT

Diamond cup grinding wheel DS 300 B Extra for construction materials
The diamond cup grinding wheel DS 300 B Extra stands out with its excellent aggressiveness and service life.

Product Detail

It is used in the following fields of application:
garden and landscape construction, building yards,construction above and below ground and road building.
The two-row cup grinding wheel displays outstanding removal rates. Construction materials, concrete and screed can be cut without effort.
Operation requires only minimum force and, in consequence, makes working exceptionally comfortable. What is more, Klingspor offers this product at an excellent price-performance ratio.
Customers can purchase the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 300 B Extra in different diameters. Also available for the cup grinding wheel is an M14 adapter.


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