Festool PowerStation Triple Combination Pack

£2,737.00 Excl. VAT £2,499.00 Excl. VAT

SYS-PowerStation SYS-PST 1500 Li HP 240V
SYS-Roll SYS-Roll 100
SYS-PowerHub SYS-PH 240V

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Product Detail

Festool SYS-Powerstation
Residual current personal protection adapter (to protect an additional electrical outlet module with a fuse)
2 m charging cable

SYS-Roll SYS-Roll 100
SYS roller with roll board function guarantees mobility. From the workshop to the car, from the car to the customer, at the construction site or inside the workshop. The SYS roller holds SystainerS securely and safely for transport – with additional protection from the safety belt.
The sack barrow function provided by the extra-large rear wheels makes it easy to go up and down steps. This saves both time and effort and provides a clearly organised storage space.

SYS-PowerHub SYS-PH 240V
4x external sockets
1x internal socket
integrated thermal protection switch
10 m connection cable, type H07 RN F3G1.5, securely connected

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