Festool 577131 SYS-MFT Fixing Set SYS3 M112 MFT-FX

£189.00 Excl. VAT

2x FS-HZ 160 lever clamp
2x MFT-HZ 80 lever clamp
2x low-profile stop
4x MFT bench clamps
Deep-drawer insert
Systainer SYS3 M 112, blue

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Product Detail

Main Applications
Clamping, fixing and securing workpieces on the MFT – for carrying out processes such as sanding, planing, drilling and gluing on workpieces with an extremely wide variety of shapes and sizes
Even greater versatility and flexibility when working with the MFT multifunction table and the mobile workshop – the clamps and fixed clamps can be inserted into the perforated top, and the clamps can also be inserted into the V-groove of the circumferential table profile

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