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  2. Bosch GCM8SJL 8" (200mm) Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw[GCM8SJL]

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    Bosch GCM8SJL 8" (200mm) Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw


    The powerful GCM8SJL slide saw gives precise cutting, has a large capacity and is simple to set up making it suitable for a host of cutting tasks for the professional and home user alike.

    Bosch have ensured that every aspect, from set up to cut, is quick, simple and exact.

    Mitre angles are easily set from front locking arm, use the embossed stainless steel scale with indents for quick setting of common angles (override for extra adjustment). Bevels are set by the accessible side lock lever with a quick turret stop for common 22.5°, 33.9° and 45° angles.

    Fitted with a laser, the cut line is always sharp and clear.


    Features of the Bosch GCM8SJL 8" (200mm) Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

    Improved dust management for healthy and clean work 
    312 mm horizontal sectional capacity for a variety of applications 
    Low weight of 17 kg for maximum mobility 
    Built-in laser for accurate target saws 
    Integrated lateral material extracts 
    Intuitive lateral tilt lock 
    Depth stop 
    2-point Dust 
    Integrated handle for easy transport

    Specifications Bosch GCM8SJL 8" (200mm) Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

    Cutting Capacity   0°     70mm x 312mm
    Cutting Capacity  45° miter  
    70mm x 214mm
    Cutting Capacity  45° incline 
    48mm x 312mm
    Miter    52°L / 60°R
    Tilt Adjustment    47°L / 2°R
    Depth x Length x Height    910mm x 460mm x 410mm
    Idle    5500 rpm
    Saw Blade Diameter   216mm
    Saw Blade Bore Diameter   30mm
    Weight    17.3kg
    Rated Input Power 1600 watts





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