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  2. Makita DDA350z 18v Keyed Angle Drill Body Only[DDA350z]

    Price:  £145.00 (Plus VAT)

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    Makita DDA350z 18v Keyed Angle Drill Body Only


    The Makita DDA350Z 18v single speed variable, reversible angle drill with its 10mm keyed chuck giving a maximum head height of only 66mm will solve the problems of drilling and screwdriving in confined spaces. 

    With a capacity of 10mm in steel and 25mm in wood and an impressive screwdriving torque of 13.7Nm, the DDA350Z will make light work of those troublesome jobs where space is an issue. 

    This machine is suitable for all trades from plumbers and electricians boring holes in joists to kitchen fitters working in the confined spaces.


    Supplied here as a body only unit, no batteries, charger or carry case.

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