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  2. CISA Euro 45/55 Cylinder Astral S High Security UPVC Barrel Door Lock Anti Drill[CISABARREL]

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    CISA Euro Cylinder Astral S High Security UPVC Barrel Door Lock Anti Drill 45/55


    Protect your home with a Cisa Cylinder Astral S British Standard Approved crime prevention cylinder lock

    Anti Snap, Bump, Pick & Drill

    Comes with 3 Keys as Standard but more keys can be cut.

    (Please call us for further information)

    Euro Profile Cylinder for UPVC and/or Wood Doors


    What size do you need?

    Remove your current barrel from the door and follow the following procedure.


    Please measure from one side of the cylinder lock (A) to centre fixing screw hole e.g 45mm.


    Simply do the same measurement with other side (B) 55mm.


    The cylinder is this case would be 45/55 100mm overall.



    CISA Passive Security

    An intruder seeking to break open a door will in most cases choose to attack the lock cylinder using the tools of the trade: drills, pliers, picklocks and other lock-forcing tools.

    Passive security is a defensive element because it protects against forcible entry tools with specific mechanisms that provide five types of resistance.


    Why Should You Choose Cisa High Security Locks?

    CISA cylinders have a cam that protrudes from the cylinder body, to anchor them more firmly to the lock. This projecting cam, in addition to anchoring the cylinder more securely, also prevents it from being dislodged by a hammer blow.

    Depending on the model, CISA cylinders incorporate one or more steel components designed to delay and protect against the performing action of a drill.

    Intruders use lock picking tools to simulate the action of a key. Some high-security CISA cylinders have a design and pin configuration pattern that is specifically made to resist manipulation by a pick.

    Some CISA cylinders incorporate solutions for enhanced resistance to snapping or tearing. The unique patented laminated steel is also visible from both ends as an added visual deterrent.


    Security Card

    Offers a high level of service personalisation, giving further protection to the end user.

    The CISA authorised duplication system is the perfect solution for ensuring that the keys can only be duplicated with the owners consent.

    Each cylinder comes with a security card

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